Great  Escape  of  Central Texas



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  • ​​​Select a Location -  You have two great locations to choose from or both.  Our original location located in Waco/Robinson with THREE themed rooms or our location in Killeen with FOUR themed rooms.

811 South W.S. Young Drive

Killeen, TX 76543


635-D North Robinson Drive

Waco, TX 76706

(Not affiliated with Waco Escape Rooms on Lake Air Drive)

Great Escape of Central Texas, in Killeen and Waco, is a live puzzle room.  ESCAPE from the daily grind and ESCAPE from the traditional entertainment venues by immersing yourself into an fully themed ESCAPE room.  Solve puzzles and riddles using your wits  and deductive skills and the elements of your themed room where you have 60 minutes to escape.  Can you ESCAPE in time?   Photos of our themed rooms are actual photos of OUR rooms.  

811 South W.S. Young

Killeen, TX 76543

(Next door to Enterprise Rent A Car)

  • Book Online - Check for available slots to determine what day you and your teammates will set out for your adventure.

Finest Escape Rooms in Killeen & Waco

  • ​​​Select a Room -  In Waco/Robinson, will you solve whodunnit in CLUE or will you push the button in time and escape off the island in LOST?  Maybe your friends can help you break out of jail in Cell Block 9?  Perhaps you will capture the Golden Idol of Rasheesh in Indiana Jones, become a toy and escape from the evil kid next door before he turns you into a terrifying toy in Escape Sid's Room (Toy Story) or maybe break into a bank and steal the Heart of the Ocean Diamond in Bank Heist, or perhaps find the cursed crown of Christina Mariell in a Haunted Manor in Killeen?

635 North Robinson Drive

Robinson, TX 76706

(Not affiliated with Waco Escape Rooms)


Great Escape of Central Texas provides the best escape room entertainment Central Texas has to offer!

  • Start your Adventures - ​Your team will be in a room for 60 minutes. In this time, you must use clues hidden throughout the room to solve the puzzles you’ve been challenged with.