Congratulations!  You have arrived at the GREAT ESCAPE of CENTRAL TEXAS and you are about to play a game with us.  We are glad you are here.  Now....let's get you checked in so we know you are here otherwise you will just be standing here for a while wondering if we are ever going to come get you.  See below to get started.


STEP TWO:  Tell Us You're Here!
     TEXT: 254-366-3602  Include LAST NAME 
{if you don't text us or include the last name of the booking we won't know who we're talking to.}

HINT:  If you don't get a reply text back within a couple of minutes, make sure you sent it to the right number.  We can't do our part if you don't do yours.


     Click HERE to complete your waiver. 
{yes, everyone must do it.  If you have done one doesn't matter.  EVERY ROOM EVERY TIME!}

HINT:  If you are sharing an email address with someone else in your group, click the box that looks like this.                                             

share email.jpg

Otherwise you will kick each other out over and over which becomes a vicious cycle of never ending filling out of waivers.   You'll get mad, we will not feel sorry for you.  It's terrible!

wait here.jpg

STEP FOUR:  You can wait here OR inside your car.  DO NOT wait in front of the main door.  You will block it for other folks that are trying to open it only to find that it is locked and then become confused.  It is our only enjoyment in the day so please don't take it away from us.  We'll cry and then we'll take it out on you while you are playing your game.  =)


MASKS = I didn't want to add this line but the smarter people said I should so here it is.  *sigh*  Masks for those that are not vaccinated.  No masks for those who are.  We can't tell the difference honestly and we're not asking so in essence this makes it optional.  There!  Regardless, we will be maintaining six feet between each other so don't take it personal when we ask you to stand behind the yellow line.  We have our floor markings too!

Don't Have Tickets?

Use this link to purchase your tickets for a future time.  If you want to purchase tickets for a future time using cash, please text the number and let them know you wish to purchase tickets WITH CASH and they will be right with you.