Escape from Briaridge Sanitarium


Escape from Briaridge Sanitarium

2 Players    *Great Beginner Room                                                      Difficulty 5/10

In the late 50's, Lana Paulson, a beautiful young woman, vanished one day outside her home.  It was rumored that she was abducted by doctors of the famous, yet haunted, mental hospital known as Briaridge Sanitarium.  It is said that these doctors conducted tormenting experiments on patients to further their own education about the human psyche with disregard to the many lives they took in the process.  No one knows if Lana was able to survive the torture inflicted upon her or if she managed to escape.  Did she even exist?  The hospital has been closed since September 1957 yet supposedly the abductions and experiments are still taking place.  You and your partner are the latest patients to enter the hospital....against your will.  Can you Escape Briaridge Sanitarium or will you become the latest rumor?


The Lost Tomb of Anubis

Up to 8 Players                       Difficulty 7/10

$25 Per Person

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Western Saloon Robbery

Up to 7 Players                     Difficulty 7/10

$25 Per Person

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Spell Breaker

Up to 6 Players                       Difficulty 6/10

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Escape from Briaridge Sanitarium

2 Players                                 Difficulty 5/10

$25 Per Person

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The Mobfather

Up to ? Players                     Difficulty ?/10

$25 Per Person


2 - 4 Players                            Difficulty 7/10

**All Players MUST be 18+ years of age**

$25 Per Person



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