Western Saloon Robbery

The Western Saloon Robbery

Up to 7 Players                       Difficulty 7/10

This is Tombstone....this is the old west!  Here, the law has more than they can handle and the criminals give 'em plenty.  Milt Joyce, owner/operator of the Oriental Saloon, has died and in the old west, there are no wills.  What does that mean for you and your band of outlaws?  Rumor has it that Milt left a fortune of gold behind for the taking and in these here parts, that's invitation enough.  But hurry, you aren't the only thieves gunning for the gold.


**This room holds up to 7 people.  A reservation for less than seven does NOT book the entire room unless booking a private room.


The Lost Tomb of Anubis

Up to 8 Players                       Difficulty 7/10

$25 Per Person

Western Saloon Robbery

Up to 7 Players                     Difficulty 7/10

$25 Per Person

spellbreaker logo.jpg

Spell Breaker

Up to 6 Players                       Difficulty 6/10

$25 Per Person

sanitarium logo

Escape from Briaridge Sanitarium

2 Players                                 Difficulty 5/10

$25 Per Person

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The Mobfather

Up to ? Players                     Difficulty ?/10

$25 Per Person


2 - 4 Players                            Difficulty 7/10

**All Players MUST be 18+ years of age**

$25 Per Person



4400 E. Central Texas Expy


TX 76543




Tel: 254-680-2686

(Don't keep calling - USE YOUR VOICE and leave a message)





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