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Private Room Rates = Each room will get you the room to yourself.  Each additional person in YOUR group will only be the price of a ticket ($29 plus tax) per person.  

EXAMPLE:  In MobFather it is $116 for one person, two persons, three persons, and four persons;  $145 for 5 persons;  $174 for 6 persons;  $203 for 7 persons; $232 for 8 persons.


"WEEKDAY PRICING"!   Book to play on Wednesday or Thursday and only pay for the number in your party.  NO MINIMUM TICKETS REQUIRED!

*Click HERE for more pricing info.


Please book your game online at


Will I be playing with other participants?

No!  ALL games are PRIVATE experiences.  You will NOT be joining or be joined by anyone outside your group.


We consider 16 years or over to be a responsible adult in the escape room.  If they are old enough to drive ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ .  **EXCEPTION:  What the F#@! Just Happened requires at least ONE ADULT AGE 18 OR OVER - NO EXCEPTIONS.  There must be at least one ADULT in the room to take responsibility for the actions of those they are supervising.  Buying a ticket and hanging out in the lobby does not follow this parameter.  Minors that are dropped off with intentions of an adult NOT going into the room will forfeit their ability to play.


Yes!  As long as you are OUTSIDE 24 hours of your game AND do NOT exceed the quantity of seats the room hold you can click the "View/Change" button on your confirmation email.  If within 24 hours of your game you can still add folks to your game on the day of your game as long as you do not exceed the quantity just arrive extra early to purchase the extra tickets to avoid losing time in your game.

do you offer Military discounts?

We do NOT offer a military discount at this time.  Since COVID arrived we have made each room a PRIVATE experience therefore you are not required to purchase all of the seats.  Because of this we have eliminated the offering of a military discount on top of the current discount of getting all of the seats a room holds.  

How do I book an entire room?

ALL games are PRIVATE whether you buy all of the seats or not, however, there are a minimum number of tickets for each room that must be purchased whether you bring the minimum number or not.

Our rooms have the following capacity:

Treasure Island - 6
Back to the Fourth Grade - 8

Imperial Heist - 4
What the F#@! Just Happened? - 2
The Mobfather - 9

The Cellar - 6 (requires 2 adults)

How do I book multiple participants at the same time?

Simply select the number of players you will be bringing in the drop down menu at the top of the booking page.  Be advised that once you have completed your transaction, any seats that remain will be blocked off to keep others from joining you.  Be sure your count is correct.

Do I need to book in advance?

Yes, we strongly recommend booking a reservation at  Choosing not to runs the risk of not being able to play.

Am I really going to be “locked” in a room?

No, the door you came in is unlocked the entire game. Should you feel the need to leave the room, you are welcome to do so at any time.

How early should I arrive for my game?

Please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your game start time. Games will begin exactly at their start times and being late might cause you to have less than sixty minutes to play.  Late arrivals will result in time lost in your room and if 15 minutes or more from game start time will result in your game cancelled without refund or reschedule...DON'T BE LATE!

How much do your games cost?

Games are $29 per person plus tax (minimum room rates apply).  Click HERE for further price breakdown.

How do I pay?

All games are paid online at the time of booking or in person for a future time.

Do you offer refunds?

All of our games are refundable with 24 hours or more notice.  Inside 24 hours is NON REFUNDABLE nor can they rescheduled.

Do you have parking?

There is plenty of FREE parking available.

Is there an age limit?

We recommend our games for ages 10 and up. We do allow younger players, but some of the game content may be too difficult for them. An adult, 16 or older, must participate with anyone that is 15 and under. Also, any participants under the age of 16 will need an adult to sign their waiver.

Can you accommodate large parties or corporate events?

Yes, we accommodate large parties and corporate groups frequently, and rooms can be reserved by emailing us at or calling us at (254) 680-2686.  

How long is each game?

Each game is designed for one hour of intense fun! Plan to spend 15 minutes prior to each game preparing and briefing for your mission, and 15 minutes after each game to debrief and take photos.

Are your games wheelchair accessible?

Yes, most of our rooms are accessible, please give us a call at (254) 680-2686 and we will help you select the best game room for your team.

Can we bring food or drink into the games?

NO! Food or drinks are not allowed into the game rooms. Alcohol is strictly prohibited on our premises.

What is The Great Escape Of Central Texas?

You’ve probably spent countless hours in front of a screen watching a hero save the world, solve a mystery, or plan a prison break. Now it’s your turn! The Great Escape of Central Texas offers an escape from ordinary life that allows you to live out the stories you love. Here’s how it works: You and your team are locked in a room and have one hour to complete a mission and escape. Escaping will require teamwork, quick thinking, determination and a sense of urgency! From the moment you step into your game, you’ll be totally immersed in our world.

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