Players: 4 to 10   Difficulty: ?/10

Use your detective skills in a race to collect evidence and solve whodunnit in

this part murder mystery part Escape Game thriller!  Can you escape in time

before the murderer catches up to you and kills again?  Welcome to the The Escape Room version of the board game CLUE. 

**This room holds up to 10 people.  A reservation for less than ten does NOT book the entire room unless booking a private room. 
*This is NOT the same CLUE game previously located in Waco/Robinson. 


ENIGMA            Players:  2    Difficulty: 7/10  *Great for date night!
e·nig·ma (iˈniɡmə/)
noun: enigma; plural noun: enigmas
a code or thing that is mysterious, puzzling, or difficult to understand.

(This room was formerly at our old location at 811 South W. S. Young)
During World War II, the only way Allied forces were able to gain the upper hand over the enemy is through the decoding of their cryptic messages.  It took very special people, highly intelligent people, to decipher these codes.  You and your partner are such people and are tasked with decoding the latest cryptic message.  But hurry!  This message was just discovered and now you have only 60 minutes to crack the code and save 3 various targets from all over the world.  Their fate is in your hands. 

8th Horcrux

Players: 4 to 10   Difficulty: 7/10

The story of the boy who lived…isn’t over yet.  Was “He Who Must Not Be Named”

really defeated?  Wormtail kept a piece of “You know who’s” soul and hid it deep

inside the castle.  You and your team of students are on a quest to discover the secret

passage to the 8th Horcrux to truly defeat the dark lord.  The Muggle born Escape Room meets the magic of the Wizarding World.       Hint: Every Flavor Beans = You must TASTE your first puzzle to move forward!!
*This is a Harry Potter themed room and you do NOT have to know anything about HARRY POTTER to play the room, but you will LOVE the magic!  




Come in CosPlay and receive an Extra Clue when playing!



Players: 2 to 6    Difficulty 8/10

Imagine being locked up for a crime you didn't commit and your friends plan

an elaborate scheme to get you out by breaking into the sheriff's office at night

during a  storm.  Using nothing but flashlights they must find a key and unlock

the jail door to get you out.  You have 1 opportunity, 1 hour and 1 chance to escape before the power is restored and you get caught.

Players: 4 to 7     Difficulty: 9/10

In 1971, Dan Brown (also known as D. B. Cooper), was as sly and cunning of a

thief as they come.  Per newspapers and stories of the time it is said that he

stole an unknown amount of gold from right under the noses of the United

States government.   It is rumored that Dan took refuge in the wilderness to

wait out the search only to never be heard from again.  The government didn’t give up searching for Dan…and neither have you or your team.  Now you are in a race to find Dan Brown’s hideout and the stolen loot before the government does.

Great Escape of Central Texas - Killeen